Advanced Care Services

Therapeutic counselling and consumer-led recovery



Flexible and timely to meet individual needs


Stronger together

We utilize perspectives that engender a sense of empowerment and hope

Supporting Personal Recovery
We promote a service culture that communicates positive expectations and hope
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To make a difference in the lives of people affected by complex mental health issues through advocacy.

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For a South Florida where people affected by mental health issues live fulfilling lives.

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Supporting people affected by mental illness and their family through our continuum of care.

Our Company Values

Upholding the dignity of choice, and self-direction.

People who have a mental illness seek similar opportunities and responsibilities as other members of the community. Their goals may include their own home in the community, friendships, relationships with family, training and work opportunities. Our focus revolves around maximizing the recovery journey for people with mental illness and minimizing the potential effects on the person, their family and friends and on the wider community.

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Integrated rehabilitation services that respond appropriately to the needs of the individual and the family.
We create tailored recovery-oriented interventions that respond to the diversity of people with mental health issues. These include intensive case management, appropriate housing support, skill development, education, training and employment services. See the full menu of our services below.
Our Commitment

Targeted, assertive and intensive strategies

At Advanced Care Services , we create active specialized strategies that include treatment and rehabilitation focused services which are vital to allow people with mental illness to have realistic hope and optimism for a positive future.

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